Good Lord!

Now I’m falling in love with this show! Yup! The Big Bang Theory! It’s an American sitcom that created by Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady, and Steven Molaro. The TV series is on going on season 7, but still it’s totally entertaining! xDD


The story mostly about two brilliant physicsts guys, Leonard and Sheldon, who get a new sexy cute neighbor girl named Penny and Leonard falls in love with the girl. Both Leonard and Sheldon have two friends, who are brilliant but geek also, named Howard and Rajesh. The story becomes funnier when we know how a normal girl like Penny is socialized with four nerds who love to spend time together playing game online, watching science-movie fiction, and fond of comics and video games such as Star Wars and The Flash (lol!)

I can’t get enough of Sheldon :3 :3 and I love the relationship between Penny and Leonard~ aren’t they sweet? :3 :3


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